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Mon, Aug 20  

Promo Plastik


For high impact advertising, promote your logo in full color. Promo Plastik manufactures and prints plastic promotional products. We print from single or multi-spot colors to four-color process.
We use the latest, high definition, four-color process UV technology.

PROMO PLASTIK is committed to good environmental practices

All our products*:
• are made in Quebec, Canada
• are engraved with the inscription "Made in Canada"
• are made from recycled plastic
• can be recycled

* Except for the hockey puck, the USB flash drive and the lanyard.

We use lead free inks. We also use recycled packing paper to ship your order and we recycle everything that can be recycled (solvents, plastic containers, paper, cardboard boxes, cans, toner cartridges, etc.) We use the heat of our equipment to heat the plant.

We are continually looking for new and improved eco-friendly practices

A cooperative of workers is owned by the employees. The owners-workers are totally dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. Our flexibility gives us the capability to adapt to any of our customer’s needs.

Promo Plastik is one of the few Canadian suppliers of promotional items to manufacture its own products. It allows us to provide quality products and fast deliveries.



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Unconditional Guarantee!
Creative Casuals, unconditionally guarantees all products ordered by its clients to be exactly as presented and ordered without product or printing defects.
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with a product, we will gladly replace it.